[FIC] Pinky Promise

I'm not dead!

Pinky Promise (DBSK)
Genre: General, Romance
Pairing: Chunjae
Summary: Chunjae - from their first meeting to their last
A/N: A collection of drabbles that were meant to be a one-shot for my dear fish_for_ashes but became a series because of the lack of transition.


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Eileen Has Mad Skillz

lol. i'm so cool. just read:

asdfghjklisaword is my close friend
and EatTenBananas is me :)

asdfghjklisaword (10:11:11 PM): omg I'm scared to eat food
EatTenBananas (10:11:30 PM): why?
asdfghjklisaword (10:12:07 PM): because of nutrition
asdfghjklisaword (10:12:42 PM): I'm scared I'm gonna contract like botulism and like die
EatTenBananas (10:13:34 PM): NOO!!
EatTenBananas (10:13:36 PM): food is good
EatTenBananas (10:13:37 PM): food is neat
EatTenBananas (10:13:42 PM): food is something you have to eat!
EatTenBananas (10:13:44 PM): lol
EatTenBananas (10:13:49 PM): look at my awesome rhyming skills
asdfghjklisaword (10:14:10 PM): lmao
asdfghjklisaword (10:14:43 PM): but botulism=paralysis which leads to death in like 3 to 10 days
EatTenBananas (10:15:45 PM): D:
EatTenBananas (10:15:49 PM): you WONT get botulism
EatTenBananas (10:16:21 PM): botulism isn't fair
botulism is very rare
EatTenBananas (10:16:26 PM): you won't get botulism unless you...
EatTenBananas (10:16:28 PM): have no hair?
asdfghjklisaword (10:16:49 PM): omg you're good
asdfghjklisaword (10:16:55 PM): it mostly affects babies and old people
asdfghjklisaword (10:17:05 PM): with weakened immune systems
asdfghjklisaword (10:17:09 PM): and they have no hair

look at my awesome rhyming skills that actually happen to make sense. isn't that amazing?

p.s. don't actually go off and eat ten bananas. I discovered that you could get potassium poisoning from doing that. So go eat like five instead. :)

p.p.s Can that count as my update for the next two weeks? lol.

I is an idiot

I was up late last night (or rather this morning) because I felt like writing (and because I'm scheduled to post tonight) and I wrote a medium length drabble. As I exited MS Word, I accidentally hit the "don't save changes" button (or whatever it's called) and proceeded to scream (in my head). I started to write it up again but just didn't feel like it anymore.

So, my deepest apologies to everyone who was waiting for something. But to make up for it, a little song? By a krock band called Sprinkler. I've been obsessed with this band lately.

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Just A Little Excerpt

A little excerpt from my English paper (which I thought sucked ass but got an A on... is my teacher on crack?). This was the follow-up assignment to reading "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. The assignment was to do a character sketch of someone you know well and to place them in a fictional (or not) scene. I chose to write about my mother :)

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And a little ranting about SOPH-FROSH Cities today...

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